A Rude Comment

The hotel I work for allows its employees to go swimming in the pool as long as there is not an overabundance of guests in the area. Today during my lunch break, I decided to take a quick dip and cool off before I finished out my day cleaning. When I was wading around in the shallow end I noticed two ladies from Leeds escorts lounging in the hot tub together. I knew they were from that company because the guy next to them bluntly thanked one of the ladies for a great night last weekend. I myself found it a little rude considering they were not at work, but relaxing and taking time off. Before leaving the pool room I nodded my head at the two girls and told them to have a great day. The guy that was still stalking the hot tub gave me the dirtiest look I have ever been given. I have to say it made my day in a weird, crazy way.